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Psychsource is a non-profit organization under the direction of mental health care professionals committed to developing and maintaining a comprehensive database of local and national mental health resources. Currently Psychsource covers six metropolitan areas in the State of Georgia. This database is made freely available to consumers, health care professionals, hospitals, institutions, schools, and others through annually updated local print directories.

Our organization receives funding through grants, donations, and sales of print directories. We also seek to establish partnerships with non-profit and government agencies, mental health advocacy groups, and professional organizations within local communities. We are responsible to a Board of Directors.

We have a variety of different relationships with organizations which may include advocating and publicizing Psychsource; establishing internet links to the Psychsource website as it becomes fully-functional; or more active participation regarding funding, collecting or verifying data, data entry, or data sharing. We call these Psychsource Partners.

We are offering Corporations, Professional Organizations, and other Associations the opportunity to become Psychsource Partners with the goal of maximizing the missions of both organizations.

To apply, please submit the following information.

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